Accounting – Bookkeeping Tax Service: What can it help foreign company in Vietnam?

For every company to work efficiently and bring maximum added value, it must first have a professional department. Especially accounting, which is an arduous job, always occupies an indispensable and important position. 

In the current context, many international businesses have been investing and developing business in Vietnam. However, foreign companies are often not knowledgeable about regulations in Vietnam, so problems in accounting work are inevitable. It can be a financial burden for many companies. Therefore, accounting services in Vietnam are the best solution for domestic and foreign companies.

1. Common tax and accounting problems for foreign businesses in Vietnam

  • Staff are not fluent in Vietnamese, which are trouble working with agencies
  • The Vietnamese accounting vouchers translated into foreign languages ​​are not correct
  • Failure to promptly update new legal documents, circulars and decrees
  • Frequently making mistakes in tax declaration, tax payment deadlines, etc.
  • Vietnam does not have a specialized agency to support foreign businesses

In addition, foreign enterprises that want to do business in Vietnam are required to have an accounting department right after their establishment. Meanwhile, to get a professional accounting apparatus for the company requires time and investment in costs. Therefore, hiring a package accounting service for foreign businesses is the best solution.

2. About Accounting – Bookkeeping Tax Services for Businesses

What is Accounting? 

Accounting reflects the changes in assets, processes and results in the process of production and operation. Accounting is the activity of acquiring, processing, analyzing and reporting. Financial and non-financial information is then transmitted. The purpose is to provide useful recommendations for socio-economic decision-making of companies and to assess the effectiveness of operational activities. It is an essential part of any business of any size, in any industry.

Bookkeeping Tax Services

Tax reporting is also an essential activity in accounting. In Vietnam, tax laws change frequently and companies must comply thoroughly to reduce the risk of losing business. Therefore, compliance with tax regulations is very important. As a result, companies often choose to use external translators for both accounting and tax reporting services. 

Tax reporting tasks are relatively complex and involve many transactions. Therefore, the executor must have sufficient experience-skills-knowledge to fulfill his obligations to the tax authorities.

3. Benefits of using Accounting – Bookkeeping Tax Services for foreign company 

  • Always update the latest information on tax law and corporate law.
  • Advising foreign company owners to choose the appropriate form of business management organization when entering the Vietnamese market. In addition, it will apply economic, financial and tax policies in its operations to reduce costs, increase income and ensure high economic efficiency for businesses.
  • Complete confidentiality of your company’s data, all specified in the contract. The best possible cost savings for your business
  • Professional working style, highly qualified staff, compliance with all terms in the contract.
  • In case of errors, our company will be accountable to the competent authorities and responsible for the documents and procedures in charge of our company.

4. Choosing the right Accounting – Bookkeeping Tax Service implementation company

More and more companies providing tax accounting services for foreign companies in Vietnam were born. However, finding a reputable service company is also a problem that makes many business owners wonder. If you are also confused about which company’s reputable accounting services to choose, TOPA is an option that should not be ignored.

TOPA – Accounting – Bookkeeping Tax Services for foreign company in Vietnam

TOPA is the first accounting service that runs on the cloud accounting software system, comprehensively solving accounting & tax problems of enterprises.

TOPA is an all-in-one accounting solution developed by Dong Hanh Technology with 8 years in the field of financial & accounting for SMEs. TOPA solution is a combination of 2 parts: Accounting Services by experts and Cloud-Based Accounting System. Our mission is becoming a professional, efficient and cost-saving outsourcing accounting department for customers.

TOPA Accounting – Bookkeeping Tax Service include

  1. Online accounting software

Each customer can create an account to use tax accounting software at

Customers can use the software on any computer or mobile device with just a browser and internet.

  1. Consulting service, handling tax work

Consulting services, handling tax work packages. The procedures and periodical reports to the tax authorities will be consulted and resolved by the accountant of TOPA.

  1. Accounting personnel

Business owners do not need to worry about the lack of accounting personnel, optimally cut recruitment and management costs and are guaranteed prestige with TOPA’s team of professional and experienced accountants.

Contact Info:

  • Address:

Ha Noi Office: No. 35, 108/58 Lane, Tran Phu street, Ha Dong, Ha Noi.

Hai Duong Office: N. 112, Hoa Binh Street, Nhi Chau, Hai Duong City

TOPA is committed to providing the best and most effective tax accounting services for foreign companies. TOPA will also take full responsibility for the tax accounting services for foreign companies that we provide to clients.

Our tax accounting services for foreign companies are reputable, professional, accurate and fast, fully complying with the necessary procedures and orders of the law in business in general and in the domestic market. particular accounting activities.

Contact TOPA immediately to receive direct advice and good quotation!

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